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War Eagle Bacon and Ham Delight

War Eagle Bacon and Ham Delight

A gift of traditional breakfast meats: 1 Lb of our own thick-sliced Hickory smoked Country Bacon and 1 Lb of War Eagle Country Ham.
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Give the gift of old-time flavors or enjoy them yourself! Our Bacon is thick-sliced and country cured, our ham is boneless and perfect to fry for breakfast. 

This gift includes:
(1) Lb sliced War Eagle Country Bacon 
(1) Lb War Eagle Country Ham 

Our bacon does not require refrigeration for 14 days!
In the old frontier, long before refrigerators, meat was processed by a process called DRY CURING.  Our bacon and hams are still processed using the DRY CURING METHOD.  First, the meat is hand rubbed with salt and brown sugar, then packed in layers of this same mixture.  This process takes 10 to 12 weeks allowing the salt to slowly penetrate the fresh pork.  Then they are carefully hardwood smoked over hickory embers until our meat is a rich, chestnut brown color.  This process allows our bacon and ham to be shipped without refrigeration.

Our meat differs totally from the grocery store method of injecting a salt brine solution into the meat, which requires refrigeration to avoid spoilage.  The only way the bacon can spoil is by getting a puncture hole in the vacuum seal.

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