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Craft Beer Jellies - 6 Pack

Craft Beer Jellies - 6 Pack

6-Pack Craft Beer Jelly gift. Our new recipes include: Fox Head Belgian Wheat Orange, Bear Claw Strawberry IPA, Snake Bite APA, T-Rex Trippel Ale Peach Chipotle, Green Head Coffee Stout and Hogs Breath Summer Saison Raspberry.
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Here in the Ozarks we do thing a little differently.  We found a delicious way to blend local craft beer and our award winning jellies for a unique, unexpected and unforgettable selection of flavors. Go ahead, try our new recipe and join us "Into the Wild".

Our Craft Beer Jellies gift come in 6-packs which includes (Six 1/2 pints):
- Snake Bite: A straight-beer jelly, made with locally-brewed American Pale Ale. It is a crystal-clear jelly with the freshest hops-flower savor. 

- Bear Claw: Imperial Pale Ale was originally made by the British for their expatriates to India. It is made using a lot of hops and still carries the flavors of the oak barrels in which in is stored. We added strawberry to its original floral note create a complex and fruity jelly.

- Fox Head: Made with a lot of wheat, Belgian Beer is very lightly bitter - we added orange to complement its crisp and fruity flavor.  

- Hog's Breath: Don't let the name fool you!  Made in summer, the Season ale is lightly hopped and accented with raspberries. It is a sweet jelly!

- Green Head: Cream Stout is a rich dark Ale that we infused with locally roasted Onyx coffee, for a rich flavor enhanced with figs. 

- T-Rex: We take the famous 3-times brewed Trippel ale, add filtered peach puree and combine it with Chipotle peppers. The smoked ripe red Jalapenos transform the tame flavor into a fierce sweet and hot jelly, than can be used on toast as well as a savory condiment. 

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